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Image for the latest supported DVID and dvid-console builds.
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DVID Docker

This container launches the DVID server on container port 8000
with a DVID database located at /var/dvid/db. It also deploys the dvid-console frontend.

To run the image named flyem/dvid using an embedded database (dvid log is written to /data/logs):

% docker run --volumes-from <OPT:VOLUME> -p <PORT>:8000 -it flyem/dvid

This will assign the host port < PORT > to the default DVID port of 8000 on the container. By default, running this container will create an empty DVID database. One can specify a docker volume that contains a DVID db at /var/dvid/db. Note: it is possible to specify a volume directly from the host machine, but it is recommended that the database be wrapped into a volume container for better portability. These volumes are light-weight and actually stored directly on host filesystem on linux or on the VM that runs the containers on Mac and Windows.

To run the image pointing to a DVID instance loaded on a google bucket:

% docker run -p <PORT>:8000 -it flyem/dvid <bucket name>
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