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Quickly create /etc/shadow passwords with mkpasswd.
Full Description


Make it really simple to run the mkpasswd tool from any host that can run docker.


Create password with SHA-512 encrpytion

$ docker run --rm -it flyinprogrammer/mkpasswd

Getting help

$ docker run --rm -it flyinprogrammer/mkpasswd -h
Usage: mkpasswd [OPTIONS]... [PASSWORD [SALT]]
Crypts the PASSWORD using crypt(3).

      -m, --method=TYPE     select method TYPE
      -5                    like --method=md5
      -S, --salt=SALT       use the specified SALT
      -R, --rounds=NUMBER   use the specified NUMBER of rounds
      -P, --password-fd=NUM read the password from file descriptor NUM
                            instead of /dev/tty
      -s, --stdin           like --password-fd=0
      -h, --help            display this help and exit
      -V, --version         output version information and exit

If PASSWORD is missing then it is asked interactively.
If no SALT is specified, a random one is generated.
If TYPE is 'help', available methods are printed.

Report bugs to <>.
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