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SpamScope (Fast Advanced Spam Analysis Tool) Elasticsearch
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spamscope-dockerfile-elasticsearch is a dockerfile to build fmantuano/spamscope-elasticsearch Docker image.
This image must be used with an elasticsearch container, where you'll save your analysis.

fmantuano/spamscope-elasticsearch is an all-in-one image that allows you to run a container with:

SpamScope is an Advanced Spam Analyzer. For more details visit GitHub project.


To use spamscope-elasticsearch, you should start an elasticsearch container, then you should connect it with the spamscope container.

To create a new instance, with the right volumes of the configurations, use the following snippet:

$ sudo docker run --name spamscope -p 8080:8080 -d -v /local/mails:/mnt/mails -v /local/conf:/etc/spamscope/ fmantuano/spamscope-elasticsearch

Then you must submit elasticsearch topology:

$ sudo docker exec -d spamscope spamscope-topology submit -g spamscope_elasticsearch

Please check spamscope-topology submit -h for more details.

Once the docker instance is created, you can control it by running:

$ sudo docker start spamscope

$ sudo docker stop spamscope

To exec an interactive shell:

$ sudo docker exec -ti spamscope /bin/bash

Apache Storm settings

For more details go to SpamScope project.

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