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qemu-arm emulated runs of stack/ghc to build Haskell stuff for debian/armhf
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Presently, to get the full power and library set of Haskell on an ARM platform, one has two options

  • Build natively on an ARM board that likely doesn't have enough memory for GHC
  • Build in a chroot of an ARM system install on a desktop, using linux binfmt and qemu-arm

The first option isn't really an option, as most ARM systems don't have enough memory for GHC to finish, well, ever. The second option takes forever to set up and is tricky to get right.

Well, I've containerized the second option, so you don't have to take forever and pull your hair out.

Once you have an image running, the command

$ docker exec -t -i -v /path/to/your/source:/source <containerid> bash

should get you a shell, with your source directory mounted in the container at /source. From there you can use
stack to build your project.

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