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Nothing to pull, fork or run. Just me, learning Docker...
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Just my personal Docker Playground.
Nothing to pull, fork or run (yet).

A plain and simple Terraria server in a Docker container.
Can also be deployed in a Synology NAS (Intel CPUs only).

Actually, that's what I created it for :)

STATUS 2017/04/30:

Terraria server


CHANGES 2017/04/30:

- major cleanup
- Terraria server configuration file not enabled by default
- added 'bash' option

CHANGES 2017/04/15:

- added a cow
- added automated build from Docker Hub

CHANGES 2017/04/05:

- initial version


  • Synology installation/configure instructions and images
  • ...



Get the Docker image from the Docker hub:

docker pull fmmt666/playground

Quick test, notice that the generated world will not be saved:

docker run --rm -it -p 7777:7777 fmmt666/playground config

And follow the instructions.

to be continued...


  • Inside the Docker app, go to "Registry" and search for "fmmt666/playground".
  • Fetch the image by either a double click or right-click "download image".
  • Go to the "Container" tab, highlight the downloaded image and click "Start".
  • Click on "advanced settings" at the bottom.
  • In tab "Volume" click "Add Folder" and select the place where the worlds shall be stored,
    e.g. "/docker/terraria" and enter the mount path "/terraria".
  • In "Port-Settings" enter local port "7777" and container port "7777".
  • IMPORTANT: In the "Environment" tab, enter "config" in the "Execution Command" field at the bottom.

Start the container.
After a while, go to "Container" and the "Details" of the running container and follow the
instructions in the "Terminal" tab.

Warning: Firefox tends to crash during the world is generated
(consumes several dozen gigabytes of memory).
One solution is to quickly leave the "Terminal" tab and come back after 3..4 minutes.

to be continued...


to be written...


Have a nice day

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