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Fork of the web-tester and added the a jre.
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This project has been renamed from martinsthiago/polymer-tester

It's a docker image from ubuntu:16.10 with node:6.9.1, bower, git, chrome and Xvfb targeting continuous integration with Wercker

How does it work?

We run Xvfb (fake screen) in background, so you can run gui applications inside the container


Basically all you need to do is to include a wercker.yml file in the root path of your project containing your configuration. For example

box: martinsthiago/web-tester

    - script:
        name: dependencies installation
        code: |
          npm install -g gulp-cli
          npm install
          bower install

    - script:
        name: tests execution
        code: |
          gulp test

    - script:
        name: build execution
        code: |

Install Recipes

This image tries to provide as little as possible for running tests on chrome, depending on your workflow you may want to install other things like

Program Command
Java Jre 8 apt install -y openjdk-8-jre-headless
Firefox apt install -y firefox
Vnc apt install -y x11vnc

Why project was renamed?

This project has been renamed from polymer-tester -> web-tester because now it is more concise and agnostic, so with little setup we can run almost any front-end test instead of polymer tests only


  • v2.0.0 Removed java, wct, gulp / Changed image to ubuntu:16.10 / Renamed project / up chrome 54 / up node 6.9.1
  • v1.0.0 Build with chrome-45 working properly both for Polymer apps a seed elements
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