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This repository contains Dockerfile of nginx-proxy for docker's automated build
published to the public docker hub registry.

Proxy a specific port to both your webserver and websocket server with
Nginx inside a Docker container.

Base Docker Image



  1. Install docker.

  2. Download automated build from public
    docker hub registry:

    docker pull foliea/nginx-proxy


docker run -e WEB_URL="http://<docker host ip>:3000" \
           -e WS_URL="http://<docker host ip>:8080" \
           -d -p 80:80 foliea/nginx-proxy

You can also mount a volume with ssl certficates and use ssl:

docker run -e WEB_URL="http://<docker host ip>:3000" \
           -e WS_URL="http://<docker host ip>:8080" \
           -e SSL=1 \
           -v <your certs directory>:/certs \
           -d -p 80:80 -p 443:443 foliea/nginx-proxy

The path your are mounting must have both cert.pem and key.pem
certificate files inside.

You can also use Docker links instead of setting manually WEB_URL and

docker run --link="container1:web" \
           --link="container2:ws" \
           -d -p 80:80 foliea/nginx-proxy

You must link to containers with at least one port exposed.

Environment variables

You can customize this container with environment variables:

  • WORKERS: Worker connections (default: 1024).
  • SERVER_NAME: Server domain name (e.g.
  • PORT: Port to serve (default: 80).
  • WS_ROUTE: Websocket route to proxy (default:
  • SSL: Use SSL (defaults: 0).
  • SSL_PORT: Port to serve for SSL (default: 443).

If you are not using Docker links:

  • WEB_URL: Webserver url to proxy (must be specified).
  • WS_URL: Websocket server to proxy (must be specified).
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