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Embian eFolder server docker image repository
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Docker build for efolder

This Docker image is for people who would like to try

To use it, you will need an OS which can run

How to build it

Clone github repository

git clone efolder-docker

Change admin password

cd efolder-docker
sed -i "s/test/MYPASSWORD/g" setup.php

Build image

sudo docker build -t forcemax/efolder:latest .

How to use it

Setup bash environment with this command:

echo "" >> ~/.bashrc
echo "export HOSTIPADDR=\$(/bin/ip route get | /usr/bin/head -1 | /usr/bin/cut -d' ' -f8)" >> ~/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc

Start data volume container for persistent data.

sudo docker run -i -t --name efolder_mysql_data -v /var/lib/mysql -v /eFolder busybox /bin/sh

Initialize database with this command:

sudo docker run -t -i --volumes-from efolder_mysql_data forcemax/efolder:latest /bin/bash

Start a container with this command:

sudo docker run -d -p 80:80 -e HOSTIPADDR=$HOSTIPADDR --volumes-from efolder_mysql_data forcemax/efolder:latest

Create Account & Group Using eFolder Admin

Using web browser


Username : admin

Password : MYPASSWORD (set above)

Using eFolder Client

You can download client from eFolder Official Site.

Set server ip address to your server's ip address in client's login dialog.

Docker Registry Hub

If you don't want to build your own, you can get the image which I
have built from the Docker Hub.

sudo docker pull forcemax/efolder

but, Docker Hub's image can't change eFolder Admin's password.
Therefore, it is recommended you build your own docker image.

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