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Unofficial IGEL UMS images as Docker container(s)
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Centos 6.x with IGEL UMS as a Docker container. Unofficial!

Create your container with:
docker run -t -i -p 30001:30001 -p 8443:8443 -p 9080:9080 --net=host --name igel_ums fordboy0/igelums

Choose your container --name as you wish.

The first run will install the UMS, so you can choose database types and login information, hence the -t -i options for the first run. After that you can start and stop the container in the usual way.

You can use --net=bridge if you like as well, depending on your environment.

There is not a full X11 environment, so the UMS Administrator Console is not available. There is no SSH server to allow forwarding of this anyway, so you will need to perform backups using the command line facilities, or in some other fashion.

It would be nice to be able to truly Dockerize this with separate containers for Postgres or something, but I just wanted to see if this was possible at all. Seems to be.

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