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Local development

  1. Install docker:

  2. Install fig:

     $ pip install fig
  3. Build the docker containers:

     $ fig build
  4. Start the docker containers:

     $ fig up


  1. Install elastic beanstalk cli:

     $ pip install awsebcli
  2. First deploy only: initialize elastic beanstalk:

     $ eb init
     $ eb create <app-name-with-env>
  3. Deploy the web service:

     $ eb deploy <app-name-with-env>
  4. Deploy the worker:

     $ KEY_NAME=<ec2-keypair-name> \
       TAG_NAME=<branch-name> \
       DOCKER_ENV='{"NAME": "Ford", "GREETING": "Hello"}' \
  5. After the new worker is up and running, terminate the old one.


  • Build an AMI with Docker already installed.
  • Better way to set DOCKER_ENV.
  • Some way to know immediately when new worker instance is ready.
  • Automatically terminate old workers.
  • Possibly, just clone the repo and build the docker image on the instance. This
    could be made pretty fast by having a base image built on the AMI.
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