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A docker image for Gitit
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A docker image for Gitit, a git & pandoc powered wiki.

Dockerfile is inspired by Hyzual & bringnow.

This image is based on debian:stretch, in order to get the latest release version of Gitit (0.12.1 in stretch, 0.10.* in jessie).

Gitit run as an user inside the container (uid=60000, gid=60000). In order to allow him write permissions on the data volume, you may want to add a group in your host and set the correct permissions:

sudo groupadd -g 60000 gitit
sudo gpasswd -a <your_user> gitit
sudo chmod -R 775 <data_directory>
sudo chown -R <your_user>:gitit <data_directory>

Basic run command:

docker run -e \
    -e GIT_USER_NAME=yourgitusername \
    -e TZ=Europe/Brussels \
    -v $HOME/<data_directory>:/data -p 60000:5001 \

Gitit can then be accessed through http://localhost:60000.

Default config files will be automatically written by Gitit to the data directory during the first run.

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