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Jenkins Docker Out of Docker base image for Forjj
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This repository contains automation scripts to build jenkins from scratch with plugins and pre-initialized configuration data.
It has been strongly inspired by the public Docker image (but not used as reference) and enhanced.


We introduced several new features, like:

  • jenkins features to help building easily a new jenkins image, by selecting some wanted features (Combination of plugins/config/scripts)
  • a docker static binary cli to help doing Docker Out Of Docker.
  • startup scripts capability

To run it

Usually, you won't do that, because you want to build your own jenkins with the list of features you need. But if you want to see a basic version of jenkins, you can do the following:

docker run -it --rm -p 8080:8080 forjdevops/jenkins-dood:latest_1.658

Jenkins version and docker tags

A docker image is versionned through his tag version and then pushed. Then on your Dockerfile, you refer to one version.


FROM forjdevops/jenkins-dood:latest_1.642

We deliver several different jenkins version and maintain some of them.
For docker image tagging, we follow those rules:

  • Some version of jenkins (3 versions) gets a tag prefixed by
    the project release ie <ReleaseVersion>_<JenkinsVersion>.

    Ex: 0.2_1.658, 0.2_1.642, 0.2_2.50

  • A branch of version. We maintain 3 different branches: 1.6x-latest, 1.6x-stable and 2.x.
    Latest version of a branch gets named as <ReleaseVersion>_<BranchVersion>-latest.

    Ex: 0.2_2.x-latest

  • <ReleaseVersion>_latest will refer to the latest version for a dedicated version of this project.

    Ex: 0.2_latest

  • latest_<jenkins_version|latest> will refer to the HEAD of the jenkins-ci repository. It will be updated any time a PR on jenkins-ci is merged.

  • latest is the default tag for docker. We use it to refer to the latest version of jenkins, as found in

    Ex: latest refer to the latest version of jenkins and version of this project ie is identical to latest_latest

To get a list of published and available versions, connect to Docker Registry

This project maintains a collection of tags, ie a limited collection of version of jenkins. To get the list of maintained version, read releases.lst

To build your own Jenkins image

This is the most common use case.

Create a Dockerfile:

FROM forjdevops/jenkins-dood:1.642

# To install plugins/features
COPY features.lst /tmp/
RUN /usr/local/bin/ /tmp/features.lst
# For possible features init files, see

Jenkins version

The Dockerfile currently install version Jenkins 1.642 LTS from RedHat jenkins Repository

for more details about jenkins

See public Docker image


Docker Pull Command