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Just put your project in /var/www/project/magento. If u havent database u can create it in container.

About mapping:

/var/www/project/mysql:/var/lib/mysql This mapping save your database in your project directory.

/var/www/project/sites-enabled:/etc/nginx/sites-enabled This is nginx config directory, u can put your siteconfig here.

/var/www/project/magento:/var/www/magento This is your project.

Example of file.


docker run -i -t

-v /var/www/project/mysql:/var/lib/mysql

-v /var/www/project/magento:/var/www/magento

-v /var/www/project/sites-enabled:/etc/nginx/sites-enabled

-p 80:80

forspam20/magento-dev /

If your /var/lib/mysql directory empty run and exec dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server-5.5.

After that u can create database: mysql -u root -p -e 'create database magento'

And import data into it: pv dump.sql | mysql -u root -p magento

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