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docker pull fortytwoio/mysql-server
docker run -d -e "MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=changeme" -P --volumes-from dbdata fortytwoio/mysql-server

Docker Hub fortytwoio/mysql-server

Environment Variables

  • MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: Sets this password for the root DB user which has ultimate access. Optional.
  • MYSQL_DATABASE: Create a database with the provided name and utf8_general_ci. Optional.
  • MYSQL_USER: Create this user and grant with the access to $MYSQL_DATABASE. Optional.
  • MYSQL_PASSWORD: Password for the user to be created


  • MYSQL_RAMDISK: Run MySQL in a ramdisk. Value sets the disk size in megabytes. Optional. NOTE: Requires docker run --privileged
  • MYSQL_SET_KEYBUF=128M: Key buffer size
  • MYSQL_SET_QCACHE=32M: Query cache size

Thanks to kolypto/docker-mysql

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