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Repo to keep our Dockerfiles
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Repo to keep interesting Dockerfiles. Install the image you want from
by specifying a tag as below:

FROM founders4schools/dockerfiles:[tag]


The webserver images are under the python-gis-node folder.
The structure is divided between Python 2 and Python 3 base images.

Each base image is installing the GEOS, GDAL and Python GDAL libraries,
which are needed by a Webserver that is using PostGIS.

Each image also install Node.js, which is needed to manage & build
static assets.

They are using the tags py2 and py3 on DockerHub.

Circle CI 2.0

Each Webserver image has an extension for Circle CI, which install the Heroku
CLI and a couple of command line utilities. They are called py2-ci and
py3-ci respectively.

For instance you would use the python 2 image from the Circle CI config:

version: 2
    working_directory: ~/work-dir
      - image: founders4schools/dockerfiles:py2-ci

Elasticsearch [WIP]

I've started adding images for Elasticsearch v5, on the elasticsearch branch.
The tag currently available is es5.2.


  • Try to base our images on the alpine ones, that should make them much smaller
  • The segmentation of images isn't great. Pushing on master rebuild all
    python images.
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