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collectd docker image


collectd is a daemon which collects system performance statistics periodically
and provides mechanisms to store the values in a variety of ways, for example
in RRD files.

This image allows you to run collectd in a completelly containerized

How to use this image

Run collectd with the default configuration:

docker run \
  --privileged \
  -v /proc:/mnt/proc:ro \

Run collectd with a custom configuration stored in /etc/collect

docker run \
  --privileged \
  -v /etc/collectd:/etc/collectd:ro \
  -v /proc:/mnt/proc:ro \


Do you need to run the container as privileged?

Yes. Collectd needs access to the parent host's /proc filesystem to get
statistics. It's possible to run collectd without passing the parent host's
/proc filesystem without running the container as privileged, but the metrics
would not be acurate.

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Comments (4)
2 years ago

:fr3nd Just a final question:

How can we verify that this actually works ?

2 years ago

Thanks a lot, another quick question:
Is there any way that I can edit your collectd.conf file, such as adding:
LoadPlugin "logfile"

<Plugin "logfile">
LogLevel "info"
File "/var/log/collectd.log"
Timestamp true

So finally I can get some output.


2 years ago

dud3: collectd does not create any graphs you can see.. You need to use some other app to see the stats. Please check collectd documentation

2 years ago

Quick question: where can we see the statistics results.

Excuse me if I'm asking a silly question.