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Drone CI Dashboard Fork of
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Juicymo Drone CI Dashboard

Dashboard for Drone CI we use at Juicymo (compatible with Drone 0.4.0)


Compiled Docker image can be pulled from: Docker Hub.


This is a Docker image for Drone Wall which we use as a dashboard for Drone CI builds at Juicymo. This image is compatible with Drone 0.4.0.

This image is based on the node image and has been inspired by nacyot/docker-drone-wall.

Because the official Drone Wall Docker image and repo are not compatible with Drone 0.4.0 yet, we use the athieriot/drone-wall fork which is already compatible.

If you find bugs or issues, let us know via GitHub issues or feel free to fork this Docker image or build a new one based on this one.

Note: This image currently supports only API_SCHEME, API_DOMAIN and API_TOKEN Drone Wall ENV variables (we use default values for the rest of them).


Just type the following into Terminal:

$ docker pull juicymo/drone-wall
$ docker run -p 3000:3000 -e API_SCHEME=$API_SCHEME -e API_DOMAIN=$API_DOMAIN \
    -e API_TOKEN=$API_TOKEN juicymo/drone-wall


  • $API_SCHEME is either http or https
  • $API_DOMAIN is domain of your drone instance (eg.
  • $API_TOKEN is your access token that will authenticate you with the Drone API (can be found in your Drone user settings)

We run both Drone and Drone Wall via docker containers on the same DigitalOcean droplet at Juicymo.
Drone web UI is accessible at :80 and Drone Wall at :3000. Your setup can be similar and we do not have issues with CORS from Drone Wall.

See source at GitHub.

See the official Drone Wall repo on GitHub at drone/drone-wall.

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