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Mongo backup tools based on official image
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Use mongodump from official mongo image to make regularly backups of your mongo database with cron in /backup.


See the docker-compose.yml example in this repo. This is a typical setup in a service stack


  • MONGO_HOST: the hostname or IP, default is mongo
  • MONGO_PORT: the port number, default is 27017
  • MONGO_USER: the username, default is admin
  • MONGO_PASS: the password, default is empty
  • CRON_TIME: the interval of cron job to run backup 0 0 * * * by default, which is every day at 00:00
  • MAX_BACKUPS: the number of backups to keep. When reaching the limit, the old backup will be discarded. No limit by default
  • INIT_BACKUP: if set, create a backup when the container starts
  • INIT_RESTORE_LATEST: if set, restore the latest database backup

Restore from a backup

To restore database from a certain backup, simply run:

docker exec fradelg/mongo-backup / /backup/2017.

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