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MySQL/MariaDB database backup using cron task manager
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This docker image runs mysqldump to backup your databases periodically using cron task manager. Backups are placed in /backup so you can mount your backup docker volume in this path.


docker container run -d \
--env MYSQL_USER=root \
--env MYSQL_PASS=my_password \
--link mysql
--volume /path/to/my/backup/folder:/backup


MYSQL_HOST      the host/ip of your mysql database
MYSQL_PORT      the port number of your mysql database
MYSQL_USER      the username of your mysql database
MYSQL_PASS      the password of your mysql database
MYSQL_DB        the database name to dump. Default: `--all-databases`
    MYSQLDUMP_OPTS  command line arguments to pass to mysqldump. Example: `--single-transaction`
CRON_TIME       the interval of cron job to run mysqldump. `0 0 * * *` by default, which is every day at 00:00
MAX_BACKUPS     the number of backups to keep. When reaching the limit, the old backup will be discarded. No limit by default
INIT_BACKUP     if set, create a backup when the container starts
INIT_RESTORE_LATEST if set, restores latest backup

Restore from a backup

See the list of backups in your running docker container, just write in your favorite terminal:

docker container exec backup ls /backup

To restore a database from a certain backup, simply run:

docker container exec backup / /backup/201708060500.my_db.sql.gz
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