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Complete image ready dedicated Windows portable-apps emulate compatibles

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Docker image from term_ssh_root_wine image to run Windows portable-apps
through emulator accessing by view remotely X displays.


Use Docker container to install easily Windows apps on Linux environment.
Container permits to test apps into independent environment from the host
without have to install locally Wine emulator and VNC or SSH servers.
Dedicated to user non-computer specialist, scripts and commands are reduced to minimum.
VNC client: SSL usage is not available for have less software to install.
SSL client: user & password usage is only available (not secret-key value).

Very easy way that take less than 5 minutes, you just have to run only 3 times one same command in cyclic mode to run sub programs and just 1 command line to active alias !

Take precaution when you use it because portability is not guaranteed...
Software samples proposed are available with 50 to 100 % functional features
but it's sufficient to discover great software !
I recommend to use these great software in last version on Windows OS,
but take advantage to discover them in isolated Linux environment into
Docker containers.

Dockerfile explanation

Work-flow: 5 minutes to have a Portable-App ready to run !

  • Copy files from local to VE.
  • Search last version for Portable-App to download.
  • Automatic download software from file with all URLs inside.
  • Copy files scripts to install software in container into /root/Downloads
  • Give permission to run EXE and SH files.
  • Set up directory access.

SSL session explanation

1 minute to set Wine emulator !

First, scripting Wine through Winetricks software options.

Script behaviours:

  • Prepare Wine user directory.
  • Sandbox mode to limit actions for Windows software set.
  • Windows 7 environment set.
  • Disallow the window manager to decorate the windows.
  • Install mfc42 usage for Visual C++ 6 apps.
  • If '/data/' directory is presents into container, a symbolic link is created with "C:\users\Public\Documents" available on Windows Portable-apps.

Few seconds for Portable-app install !

Scripting in two steps Portable-apps (EXE) install and to be alias ready.
Use default values to install.

Scripts behaviours:

  • Remove older installed version software.
  • Copy from /root/Downloads/ to a Wine installer directory.
  • Run new version installer and give permission to run it into target directory.
  • Remove older installed version alias.
  • Make new version software alias.
  • Install and running logs are save into files.

Only 1 script from install to launch !

  • Run one same command in cyclic mode to run sub programs:
    One run to set Wine emulator, one run to install and one run to launch.
  • notepad alias is not available at the end of progam. You have to make alias activation later.

Don't remember alias activation !

:warning: Alias have not automatic recognition:

  • Run source ~/.bashrc command to enable alias access from command line.

1 minute when upgrading Portable-Apps versions !

  • Make sure new version have same install Features that older and after:
  • Change URLs in /root/Downloads/downloadsLinks.txt file.
  • Delete /root/Downloads/old versions XX Portable-Apps
  • Run command.
  • Run source ~/.bashrc command to update alias.
    That all to do !

Command build image usage

Command line

:computer: docker pull franciscoaditazz/notepaddpp

Command container usage

Command line

:computer: docker run -d -p XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:YYYYY:22 --name latest_term_ssh_wine_notepadplusplus -v LOCALPATH:/data franciscoaditazz/notepaddpp

Where XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX is your IP v4 address.
Where YYYYY is your Private port, if you doesn't know free port, try from 49200...
In case you doesn't want to share data, just leave "-v LOCALPATH:/data"
from command line.

Command line explanation

  • Run in detached mode.
  • Export port 22.
  • Share directory between host and container.

Container usage

Terminal SSH client access

Open terminal with root/administrator account.

:computer: ssh -X root@XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX -p YYYYY

GUI SSH client access

  • Open your Putty GUI SSH client.
  • Choose X11 forwarding option into SSH/X11 Configuration and type IPv4:YYYYY remote desktop.
    YYYYY is your private port you have choose previously.
  • Choose root user and enter password from franciscoaditazz/notepaddpp as 'term_ssh_root_wine' for Docker public repository access.

SSH client session

Very easy way, you just have to run only 3 times one same command in cyclic mode to run sub programs:

  • :computer: to set Wine emulator.
  • :computer: to install programm.
  • :computer: to launch programm.

Active aliases at the end of all installs made:

  • :computer: source ~/.bashrc

If you have run container with "V option" you can share data with host.


When you are connected to container and when you have run all scripts described above.

:computer: notepad

Docker Pull Command