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based on docker files and scripts by
ssl secure,ngnix and roundcube dockerfiles

This dockerfile fetches the latest roundcube. It needs a postgres container to store the user data.

build with

sudo docker build -t youruser/rc-nginx .

once built, create a postgres container based on the default image. (next time around, you only need to start it, not recreate it, with sudo docker start roundcube-postgres, as this container has state)

sudo docker run --name roundcube-postgres -e POSTGRES_USER=roundcube -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=pgcontainer_rcpassword -d postgres

then run a container based on the image you built (or fetched from dockerhub). There is very little state (but enought to stop and start without being recreated) in the roundcube container so you can remove and run again with a different name and port, and every time you run you'll fetch the latest roundcube, as the roundcube fetch occurs on entry.

sudo docker run -p 443:443 -p 80:80 -d --name roundcube-nginx --link roundcube-postgres:postgres -e DH_SIZE=2048 -e POSTGRES_USER=roundcube -e PGPASSWORD=pgcontainer_rcpassword -e ROUNDCUBE_IMAP_PROTO=ssl -e -e -e ROUNDCUBE_SMTP_PORT=587 -e ROUNDCUBE_SMTP_PROTO=ssl -v ~/ -v ~/ youruser/rc-nginx nginx

most of the -e variables are optional, if you dont specify a cert one will be generated for you; if you do not have a cert remove the -v for the .key and the .cert files, if you leave them there docker will generate a folder these location, and nginx will fail to launch.

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