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roundcube on nginx assuming a postgres container
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based on docker files and scripts by ssl secure,ngnix and roundcube dockerfiles

This dockerfile fetches the latest roundcube. It needs a postgres container to store the user data.

you can get the scripts at:
and build with

sudo docker build -t youruser/rc-nginx .

once built, create a postgres container based on the default image. (next time around, you only need to start it, not recreate it, with sudo docker start roundcube-postgres, as this is a state-full container)

sudo docker run --name roundcube-postgres -e POSTGRES_USER=roundcube -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=pgcontainer_rcpassword -d postgres

then run a container based on the image you built (or fetched from dockerhub). There is no state in the roundcube image so you can run again with a different name and port, and every time you run you'll fetch the latest roundcube.

sudo docker run -p 443:443 -p 80:80 -d --name roundcube-nginx --link roundcube-postgres:postgres -e DH_SIZE=2048 -e POSTGRES_USER=roundcube -e PGPASSWORD=pgcontainer_rcpassword -e ROUNDCUBE_IMAP_PROTO=ssl -e -e -e ROUNDCUBE_SMTP_PORT=587 -e ROUNDCUBE_SMTP_PROTO=ssl -v ~/ -v ~/ francoisp/roundcube-nginx nginx

most of the -e variables are optional, if you dont specify a cert one will be generated for you.
(remove these flags if you do not have a certificate, failure to remove will cause container to fail silently and create folders in place of these files)
-v ~/
-v ~/

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