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Short Description
Simple proxy service to email incoming SMS messages from Flowroute to an email address or domain.
Full Description

Example Usage

docker run --name test -p 3000:3000 \
    -e \
    -e SMTP_PASS=brucenrobin \
    -e \

General Settings

NODE_PORT: (default 3000)
MOCK_DOMAIN: (default Placeholder domain of mock sending email address

Outbound Settings

SMTP_HOST: Outgoing SMTP server
SMTP_PORT: (default 587)
SMTP_SECURE: (default false)
SMTP_USER: Username or email address for outbound mailing
SMTP_PASS: Password for outbound mailing

Recipient Settings

TO_NAME: (optional) Cosmetic name of destination email recipient
TO_EMAIL: Destination email address (required if TO_DOMAIN is not set)
TO_DOMAIN: Destination domain for wildcard recipients (required if TO_EMAIL is not set)


In most scenarios, the TO_EMAIL is desired. When used, all incoming SMS messages will be sent to this one single address. The TO_DOMAIN setting is used for "wildcard forwarding" or "catchall" domains and is helpful when sorting email messages by sender. When used, all messages will be sent to a fictitious email address at that domain. It is your responsibility to ensure every possible email address at that domain is received. In the examples above, when using the TO_DOMAIN (as shown in the first examples) an SMS message sent to 14075551212 will be sent via email to ``.

Contact Info & Status

This project was whipped up out of neccessity for something I needed. Feel free to use it. Send any bugs or feature requests to me at:

Fred Lackey

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