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Dory's dnsmasq container

Find source code here:

What is this?

Dory uses this container to provide the dnsmasq
services in conjunction with an nginx-proxy. It's a very lightweight container built
on Alpine Linux (based off of andyshinn/dnsmasq.
See the dory project page for more info.

How do I use it?

You can use this container in your project, or as a standalone utility if you'd like.

Here's how to fire it up.

docker run freedomben/dory-dnsmasq:1.0.0 [<domain>] [<ip>]

So if you wanted all queries against domain "docker" to be routed to IP

docker run freedomben/dory-dnsmasq:1.0.0 docker

If you'd rather extend it to bake in your defaults, here's an example:

FROM freedomben/dory-dnsmasq

CMD["docker", ""]
Docker Pull Command