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Dockerized version of Amazon's DynamoDB
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Yet Another Dockerized Version Of Dynamo DB (YADVODDB)

Link to Docker Hub:

Why this?

These are my reasons. YMMV

  1. It's built on the official java docker version
  2. It downloads the latest Dynamo DB release straight from Amazon
  3. The tags are by date, which I find useful
  4. I control it so I know it will be just what Amazon provides and nothing else (except the java docker image of course)
  5. It's easy to run

How to use this

Installing/Running it locally using docker

If you just want the docker image (which is useful for composing into a larger project):

docker pull freedomben/dynamodb

You can pull a specific date if you want too (format is YYYYMMDD):

docker pull freedomben/dynamodb:20160126

As part of a docker-compose project

Add a line:


Easy stand-alone server to hit on localhost

Clone this repo:

git clone

Fire it up:

docker-compose up

Point your client at it


Can I run it in production

No. Performance on this is utterly, disastrously, terrible. Use this for local development, but know that your database is dependent on AWS.

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