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A freedom.js distribution for inclusion in Firefox extensions.


The freedom-for-firefox npm package contains a generated javascript code module, freedom-for-firefox.jsm. This file can be included in your firefox
addon to interact with freedom.

freedom-for-firefox.jsm can be placed anywhere in your extension file structure. In the case of jetpack addons, you will likely want to place it somewhere in the data dir. To include it in jetpack addon, use:

const {Cu} = require("chrome");
// Note: data.url is relative to your data directory

Or in classic firefox extensions use:


This will define the function freedom in the current scope, which behaves the same way as
freedom in any other context.


grunt test will build an extension with jasmine integration tests and run the tests in Firefox.
You can extend this with your own tasks, by including this dependency in your own grunt project:


You would then configure the build-test-addon task with your own jasmine tests, similarly to
how it is run by this project.

Some helpful flags you can add to the grunt test command:

  • --firefox-debugger - fire up a JavaScript console running in the test addon
  • --verbose -d - get extremely verbose (debug-level) output

If you want the browser to stay open after the test run (e.g. to investigate
more in the debugger console) you can change stayOpen in
tasks/build-test-addon.js to true. You can also directly run the addon
by installing jpm (npm install jpm -g) and then entering the .build/ path
and executing jpm run.


  • Mac OS X firewalls have been known to block WebRTC when set to its strictest setting.
    Be sure to allow an exception for Firefox for integration tests to pass
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