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blockchain docker service
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This project is an experimental project aiming to build a full secured block chain service implementing the following ideas:

  • lower the needed node interconnections using ants behavior to handle nodes communication (as Agrid project, keeping the full block chain security and integrity.

  • be able to do not have the full block-chain stored on each node, but have blockchain branches creation/append on sub node network keeping their security and integrity. These branches stays related to block chain root, but stored on a random part of the network. a node can this way handle several branches, but not all (all should stay possible). It's a kind of sharding.

  • let open the payload stored in the blockchain and have capability to treat it as an extensible object with its own logical behavior. For instance if the payload is a financial transaction, one of its logical behavior could be to do not have the same user spending two times the same amount of money. The goal is to have a clear separation between the block-chain way of working and the object stored own logical constraints.

  • technically developed in Go, using Docker services and able to dynamically interconnected several AntBlocChain services to extend the network with open services interconnection typologies.

This project will incrementally move to v1.0.0 if it is prove to work as expected, stop if not.

see github project for more information:

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