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static site generator written in Go
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Hugo Container


docker run -it --rm        \
  --publish 1313:1313      \
  --volume $(pwd):/tmp/pwd \
  --user $(id -u)          \
  frew/hugo                \


Hugo is a static site generator written in Go. It is
incredibly fast and efficient. Normally a container for a typical Go program
would be overkill, as the binaries are statically linked. In Hugo's case,
though, Python is used to syntax highlight code, along with a few libraries to
support that feature. This container includes everything to support the syntax


Port 1313 is exposed for the debug server.


The one exposed / required volume is /tmp/pwd, which represents the directory
you want to be Hugo's pwd.

Shortcut Usage

I recommend putting the following script in your path to make usage of this
container easier, presumably named hugo:


exec docker run -it --rm   \
  --publish 1313:1313      \
  --volume $(pwd):/tmp/pwd \
  --user $(id -u)          \
  frew/hugo                \

Note that because the above publishes to a static port you cannot, for instance,
run hugo help while hugo server is already running. I warmly welcome
patches to only add the --publish 1313:1313 if server is the subcommand
being used.

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