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OfflineIMAP Container


   docker run -d --name offlineimap          \
      -v             ~/.netrc:/opt/etc/netrc \
      -v           ~/var/mail:/opt/var/mail  \
      -v ~/.offlineimap/index:/opt/var/index \
      --env           \
      --restart=always frew/offlineimap


If you care about having all your email at your fingertips,
offlineimap is an excellent tool to acheive that
lofty goal. Unfortunately, offlineimap tends to be a little bit buggy. This
container helps to keep offlineimap running. Currently it restarts
OfflineIMAP after it
~30 lines of Python. Note that I try to keep it on the latest and greatest
OfflineIMAP. Currently it's using the newest release (v6.7.0) and a patch to
fix a bug in OfflineIMAP and Python with netrc


There are two absolutely required volumes and two more recommended volumes you
should set up to use this:

  1. /opt/etc/netrc - this is the file containing your username and password. required
    It should look like this:

    password foobar
  2. /opt/var/mail - this is where the mail gets downloaded to. required

  3. /opt/var/index - this is directory where offlineimap stores its
    metadata. If you don't make this volume offlineimap will have to reindex
    all your mail every time you start the container afresh. highly recommended

  4. /opt/var/log - this is where the logs are kept. You can mount this if you
    want, but I set up a tail to docker's built in logs.

Environment Variables

There is one required environment variable:

  1. EMAIL - this is the email address you want to be syncing.

Ideas for the future

Documented on github issues

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