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s3cmd container
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s3cmd Container


mkdir ~/.s3cfg

docker run -it --rm         \
  --volume ~/.s3cfg:/.s3cfg \
  --user $(id -u)           \
  frew/s3cmd                \

docker run -it --rm         \
  --volume ~/.s3cfg:/.s3cfg \
  --volume $(pwd):/pwd      \
  --user $(id -u)           \
  frew/s3cmd                \
  sync /pwd/ s3://mah-bukkit


The packaged versions of s3cmd tend to be a little out of
date. This image contains everything you need to use s3cmd without installing
python modules system-wide.


There is only a single volume, used for configuration: /.s3cfg. It is
absolutely required and almost any usage without it is likely to fail.

I recommend a volume, aptly named /pwd/ as the directory to sync.

Shortcut Usage

I recommend putting the following script in your path to make usage of this
container easier:


exec docker run -it --rm          \
  --volume ~/.blog-s3cmd:/.s3cfg  \
  --volume $(pwd):/pwd            \
  --user $(id -u)                 \
  frew/s3cmd                      \
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