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A spark based implementation of the ASD project Smart-Mobility@HAN
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Docker image for the ASD Project Smart-Mobility. This will build the base image with Java and the Spark Framework.

Run Demo

Run the spark demo by entering this command into your console:

docker run --name asdspark -d -p 4567:4567 frituurpanda/asdspark


This repo will pull the basic version of Java from here: Note that the image is deprecated. This image is officially deprecated in favor of the openjdk image, and will receive no further updates after 2016-12-31 (Dec 31, 2016). Please adjust your usage accordingly.

"The image has been OpenJDK-specific since it was first introduced, and as of 2016-08-10 we also have an ibmjava image, which made it even more clear that each repository should represent one upstream instead of one language stack or community, so this rename reflects that clarity appropriately."

At a later point we'll switch the the open-jdk base image awaiting further testing of the new base image.


Upgrading to a newer version of ASDSpark can be accomplished by re-pulling frituurpanda/asdspark. a specified instance version or latest. Remove the old container and re-deploy, making sure to use the correct environmental configuration.

# Pull desired version
docker pull frituurpanda/asdspark

# Remove the current container
docker rm -f asdspark

# Deploy a new container ...
docker run --detach --name asdspark ...

Additional Configuration

Will add some things here as the project progresses.

Docker Pull Command