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Dockerized Minecraft Server With Mods and Raspberryjammod (python on Minecraft) support.
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Dockerized Minecraft Server

docker run --rm -ti frjaraur/mcserver

Use enviroment variables to change server version and mod mode:

VERSION --> -e "VERSION=1.10" (default)
MODS --> -e "MODS=true" (default MODS=false, forge installation for 1.10.2, 1.8.9 and 1.7.10 are included in BASE/forge dir)
USERID --> -e "USERID=3333" (default)
GROUPID --> -e "GROUPID=3333" (default)
GAMEDIR Should be a volumen mapped on your host engine, where you will store your server data.

Use your userid and groupid if you want to take control of configuration files.

Use --net=host or -p 25565:25565 -p (or any other external port of your choose, default minecraft server 25565 will be exposed).

docker run -d --name mc189 --net=host -ti -e MODS=true -e VERSION=1.8.9 -e USERID=1000 -e GROUPID=1000 -v PATH_TO_YOUR_GAME_DIR:/MINECRAFT frjaraur/mcserver start

Added support for 'Raspberry Jam Mod' if you put RaspberryJamMod.jar into your PATH_TO_YOUR_GAME_DIR/mods (or mod server version folder). Docker container will download python example scripts from Git to start using this great mod.

RaspberryJamMod listening on port 4711 and Websocket server on 14711 are not exposed.
arpruss Good Job !!! You Made my son learn to code ;P

I created this container for my son's game server :D, have fun :)

World's backup will be launched on every container start, purge process will be added when my son tell me what he really wants ;P

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