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FromAtoB image to build Android applications.
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Dockerfile for the image used to build the Android application on CircleCI

Contents of the image

  • OpenJDK 1.8.0_141
  • Google Cloud sdk.


  • Modify the Dockerfile
  • Verify that the image builds correctly locally

     $ docker build .
  • Push the changes to the Git repository.


  • Check the latest tag number in Google Container Registry
  • Create and push a Git tag with the increased tag number.

     $ git tag -a ${TAG} -m ${MESSAGE}
     $ git push --tags
  • The image will build automatically on Google Container Registry.

  • If the image build fails, please remember to point the same tag to the commit fixing the issue. No need to keep tags that don't result on a valid image.

  • Once the build finishes, you can pull the new image and/or configure it to be used on CI.


This section should always be in sync with Git repository releases and Docker Hub available images.


  • Removed not required sdkmanager packages installation
  • Removed license agreements (we will do it in the circle config to be flexible)
  • Added cleanups for unused lib/monitor* sdk folders
  • Rollbacked to dex-method-count as it doesn't required sdkmanager to install packages (100mb less in the final image).


  • Moved to Google Cloud Registry
  • Updated tools and build-tools to include apkanalyzer command line tool
  • Removed dex-method-count installation as it's not required anymore

[2017-10-16] fromatob/mobile-android-builder:6

  • Reunified android commands
  • Added clarifications to
  • Updated jdk8 to u141
  • Removed tags with failed builds

[2017-10-13] fromatob/mobile-android-builder:5

  • Updated android licenses
  • Switched to beta channel
  • Updated build tools to version 26.0.2

[2017-07-04] fromatob/mobile-android-builder:1

  • Added Changelog, and Development section to
  • Removed Phrase command line tool installation.
  • Replaced 8-jdk with 8u131-jdk for more change control.
  • Added labels for maintainers.
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