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This container is based heavily on work done by spotify/docker-kafka. However, after using the all-in-one Kafka/Zookeeper container to get up and running, it became necessary to separate Kafka and Zookeeper to allow for multiple instantiations of both.


Kafka in a Docker container.

Topic Creation

While Kafka does support the auto.create.topics property in the config file, many consumers do not yet support interacting with the topic creation API. Moreover, subscribing to a topic that does not yet exist but will is an uphill and error-prone undertaking. This container allows for creation of topic on boot to avoid the aforementioned problems via a space-delimited string of topics passed in via the TOPICS environmental variable.

IP & PORT Settings

Unless your are running this container with the --net=host option, it is likely that you'll need to advertise a different host/port than the actual one which Kafka binds to within the container. For Kafka, the host/port that it binds to can be set via the HOST_NAME and PORT environmental variables, respectively. For consumers, the advertised host/port can be set via the ADVERTISED_HOST and ADVERTISED_PORT environmental variables, respectively.
You might want to start with something like the following:


This should bind Kafka to all available IPs within the container while still exposing the desired IP/URI to consumers.

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