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HTTP Prompt

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HTTP Prompt is an interactive command-line HTTP client featuring autocomplete
and syntax highlighting, built on HTTPie_ and prompt_toolkit_.

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Just install it like a regular Python package::

$ pip install http-prompt

You'll probably see some permission errors if you're trying to install it on
the system-wide Python. It isn't recommended. But if that's what you want to
do, you need to sudo::

$ sudo pip install http-prompt

Another alternative is to use --user option to install the package into
your user directory::

$ pip install --user http-prompt

To upgrade HTTP Prompt, do::

$ pip install -U http-prompt


Starting a session::

$ http-prompt

To change URL address, use cd::

> cd api/v1
> cd http://localhost/api

To add headers, querystring, or body parameters, use the syntax as in HTTPie_.
The following are all valid::

> Content-Type:application/json username=john
> 'name=John Doe' apikey==abc
> Authorization:"Bearer auth_token"

You can also add HTTPie_ options like this::

> --form --auth user:pass
> --verify=no username=jane

To preview how HTTP Prompt is going to call HTTPie_, do::

> httpie post
http --auth user:pass --form POST http://localhost/api apikey==abc username=john

You can temporarily override the request parameters. The current session won't
be modified::

> httpie /api/something page==2 --json
http --json http://localhost/api/something page==2

> httpie
http http://localhost

To actually send a request, enter one of the HTTP methods::

> get
> post
> put
> patch
> delete
> head

The above HTTP methods also support temporary overriding::

> post /api/v1 --form name=jane

> httpie
http http://localhost

To remove an existing header, querystring, body parameter, or HTTPie_ option::

> rm -h Content-Type
> rm -q apikey
> rm -b username
> rm -o --auth


  • User configuration file, i.e., an RC file
  • More HTTP headers for autocomplete
  • More tests, e.g., integration test and testing on Windows
  • More documentation
  • Support for advanced HTTPie syntax, e.g, field:=json and ``field=@file.json
  • Inline shell command evaluation
  • HTTP/2 support

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.. _HTTPie:
.. _prompt_toolkit:

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