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Merge multiple Nessus report exports into a single clean report.
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Supported Tags and Versions

  • 1.0 - Built on Docker Perl, fairly large at ~800mb uncompressed
  • 2.0, latest - Built on Alpine Scottw/Apline-Perl, cuts the overall size in half.

Nessus Merge

Based upon the blog post "Parsing Nessus Output the Smart Way" by Security Bazinga.

Uses the Nesuss Parser Perl script from and from mastahyeti.


Place all your .nessus exports in a folder on the host, and mount that folder in the container to /data using -v /path/to/nessus/files:/data.

Example string to run the container and auto-remove it - output files will be placed in your mounted /data folder.

  • docker run --rm -it -v /path/to/nessus/files:/data frozendragoon/nessusmerge
    • -rm will automatically remove a container after it has finished executing.
    • -it connects to the container in interactive and terminal mode. This allows showing script output.
      • Run the container with -d to not show any output.


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