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Errbot chatbot for the Raspberry Pi
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Errbot for Docker on the Raspberry Pi.


How to Build

git clone
cd rpi-errbot
docker build .

How to Use this Image


The following will set up and run the latest Errbot connected to Slack.

[Copy defaults/ to defaults/ and adjust]
docker run -d --name=errbot_server \
  -v /srv \
  -v defaults/

Custom Config

Errbot is highly configurable. You can adjust the configuration by copying the defaults/ to defaults/, modifying, and then mounting to /srv/ when running the conta
iner. If you'd like to build one with a custom configuration to begin with simply modify the defaults/ first and it will be copied in upon build.

Data Container

To persist your data, plugins, and other information you're going to want to create a data container (or otherwise mount storage). The following will quickly create one:

docker create -v /srv --name errbot_data frozenfoxx/rpi-errbot /bin/true

You can then mount this container using --volumes-from:

docker run -d --name=errbot_server \
  -v errbot_data:/srv \


Environment Variables

This image can be configured using environment variables.

  • ERRBOT_USER: system username.
  • LC_ALL: default locale.
  • LANG: default language.
  • LANGUAGE: default system language.
  • CONFIG: filesystem location for the main Errbot configuration file.


Current backends built into this image:

  • Slack
  • Text

More can be added via inserting them into the packages to be installed via pip3 in the Dockerfile.

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