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Distributed Proofreaders (source:
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Dockerfile for dproofreaders. Images are available in Docker Hub.

This docker image is for testing purposes only. It has hardcoded passwords. Do not use in production.

Run as following:

./manage.bash run

which does the same thing as:

docker network create dproofreaders
docker run -d --network=dproofreaders --name=pgdp-sql -e 'MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=dp_password' mysql:5.7
docker run -d --network=dproofreaders --name=pgdp-web fshahriar/dproofreaders
docker inspect -f '{{range .NetworkSettings.Networks}}{{.IPAddress}}{{end}}' pgdp-web  # server-ip

Visit the site at http://<server-ip>/.
A default admin user "admin" is created with password "admin". PhpBB (at http://<server-ip>/phpBB3/) also has a default admin user "bbadmin" with password "bbadmin". MySQL username/password (root/dp_password) is hardcoded everywhere.

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