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Develop Bower projects without installing bower.

About Bower

Bower is a dependency management tool often used in Web front-end development.
For example, the Polymer project uses Bower as its recommended installation tool.

If you check out a Bower-based project from GitHub, it will typically contain a bower.json file which lists the dependencies for that project. In order to download these dependencies, you run

bower install

which will create a sub-folder bower_components and download the dependencies there.

About docker-bower

If you want to play with a Bower-based project like Polymer, you might not want to install Bower and all its dependencies on your system. With docker-bower you can isolate the environment in a Docker container and install all dependencies there. Once you are done, remove the container, and your system stays clean.

Run from Docker Hub

A pre-built image is available on Docker Hub. It can be run as follows:

  1. Make sure you have your Bower-based project in a directory like /path/to/my-project, and it contains the file /path/to/my-project/bower.json

  2. Run a docker container from that image, and map /path/to/my-project into that container (replace /path/to/my-project with the path to your project).

    docker run -v "$MY_PROJECT:/home/bower/workspace" -t -i fstab/bower

The container will spawn a bash shell that you can use to run Bower commands (like bower install --save for adding new bower components), and it runs a HTTP server on port 8000 for viewing the project.

Build from Source

  1. Make sure Docker is installed.

  2. Check out docker-bower from GitHub

    git clone
  3. Build the docker image

    cd docker-bower
    docker build -t="fstab/bower" .
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