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Etherpad-Lite Dockerfile using SQLite as backend.
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Run Etherpad Lite inside a Docker container.
This variant of an Etherpad Docker container is characterized by:

At run time:

  • Using SQLite as data backend.
  • Allow using persistent volumes for data, plugins and settings.
  • Create administration user with configurable password.
  • Choose between develop or stable version.
  • Using Abiword for import/export of DOC or PDF. ODF is not supported yet - it just crashes the abiword binary for unknown reason.

At image build time:

  • By default it uses the latest Etherpad Lite develop version.
  • Allows to install another Etherpad Lite version (by Git tag or branch).


Start an Etherpad Lite instance listening on TCP port 9001

docker run -p 9001:9001 fuerst/etherpad-docker

Set password for administration user named admin

docker run -p 9001:9001 \
  -e ETHERPAD_ADMIN_PASSWORD='my-secret-password' \

Make plugins, database and settings persistent

docker run -p 9001:9001 \
  -v /opt/etherpad-lite/var:/opt/etherpad-lite/var \
  -v /opt/etherpad-lite/node_modules:/opt/etherpad-lite/node_modules \

Run Etherpad Lite stable version (1.6.1)

At the time of writing stable means 1.6.1.

docker run -p 9001:9001 \

Build another version

Only latest stable release (1.6.1) and develop are available from You may build any other release you want by specifying an etherpad-lite branch or tag when building your own image:

docker build -e ETHERPAD_VERSION='1.5.5' .
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