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Fuisz Tracker

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The fuisz-tracker(1) executable as well as the fuisz tracker HTTP API.
This tracker abstracts the current tracker's API,
allowing us to switch tracker implementations very easily.


This tracker currently uses the shaheen tracker.
Please view its installation guide.


Schema: Tag

The tracker always returns a tag, which is an object with the following properties:

  • x - left offset in pixels
  • y - top offset in pixels
  • width - width in pixels
  • height - height in pixels
  • frame - frame index
  • confidence - confidence as a decimal

track(video_uri, options).then( stream => )

  • video_uri - the URI of the video.
    Can either be a local video or a remote URL.
  • options - a list of tracking options.
    • x
    • y
    • width
    • height
    • frame - the start frame
    • lower_bound - lower bound frame index
    • upper_bound - upper bound frame index
    • threshold - minimum confidence interval

Returns a stream.

When lower_bound is defined, tracks backwards.
When upper_bound is defined, tracks forwards.
When both are defined, tracks both forwards and backwards and interweaves the results.
At least one of these must be defined.


The stream is a readable object stream of tags.
You should JSON.stringify() it and pipe it to your destination.
For example:



The CLI allows you to track a video from the command line.
This is primarily useful for testing.

To install, you'd want to install this package globally.
You can do this by running npm link within this folder.
fuisz-tracker will then be in your $PATH.

Run fuisz-tracker --help or ./bin/tracker --help for help.


GET /:url?params...

  • url - set the URL as the path and be sure to encode it.
  • params - the same params as above, except use 0-100 integer for threshold.


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