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Turnkey website monitoring application using Node.js, MongoDB, Bootstrap, Docker & Docker Composer.
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A turnkey remote website monitoring application using Node.js, MongoDB, Twitter Bootstrap, Docker and Docker Composer.

The intention of docker-uptime is to be able to have a working website monitor on any Linux server that has Docker and Docker Composer with only two commands.

This implementation adds onto the original work of of Uptime ( by Francois Zaninotto ( and furtherthe enhancements of Uptime 2 ( by gunmetal313-nodejs (

The Docker container is based on Alpine Linux 3.4 in order to keep the size as small as possible (229mb).


As long as your Linux server has Docker, it should be able to be installed with one of the following:

curl -L | sh


wget -O - | sh

This will install Docker Compose if it is not found, clone this git repository and run the containers.


Check that the containers are running:

sudo `which docker-compose` --file $INSTALLDIR/docker-uptime/compose/uptime.yml ps

Visit the GUI in a web browser at (the curl/run install above will provide your server IP)

NOTE: This is a default install that is not password protected.


Configuration file: $INSTALLDIR/docker-uptime/etc/production.yml

Please see the of the repo that this is built on for further configuration options:

Docker Pull Command
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