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Debian Jessie with ASP.NET 5 (CoreCLR)
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ASP.NET 5 Development Image

This image contains a working ASP.NET 5 development environment based on the preview docker image provided by Microsoft running on CoreCLR 1.0.0-rc1-update1. On top of dnvm/dnx, this image contains git, npm and bower.

How to use this image

To kick-start ASP.NET 5 development, set up a basic ASP.NET 5 project (e.g. with Yeoman) and run:

docker run -it --name myapp -v </path/to/myapp>:/src/myapp -p 5000:5000 fundter/

And inside the container bash:

cd /src/myapp
dnu restore
bower install # if you use bower
dnx web

Your project should be up and running at http://[localhost|ip-of-docker-host]:5000

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