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Magento 2.x optimised full nginx-php stack
Full Description

Magento 2 Webserver stack

Highly configurable Magento 2.1 stack built on funkygibbon/nginx-php-exim

Docker Hub: funkygibbon/magento2

Mount Magento root to /app/www and certificates to /etc/nginx/ssl

Example minimal docker-compose.yml

version: '2'
    image: funkygibbon/magento2
     - ./ssl:/etc/nginx/ssl
     - ./magento:/app/www

Includes ngx_pagespeed, cron tasks, latest composer, sudo for manipulating files as the correct user and vaguely sane security defaults

Use provided magento alias for command-line configuration changes, which expands to sudo -u ${APP_USER:-$DEFAULT_APP_USER} /usr/bin/php /app/www/bin/magento" and helps prevent operations such as magento cache:flush from writing files as root

Refer to funkygibbon/nginx-php-exim and funkygibbon/nginx-pagespeed for many environment variables which affect container startup configuration.

More documentation to follow.

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