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nginx + pagespeed + hhvm + exim webserver stack on a docker-friendly Ubuntu trusty base image
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Nginx + HHVM + Exim


Webserver stack built on top of funkygibbon/nginx-pagespeed, which is built on a lightly modified Phusion Ubuntu base image

Configurable via a plethora of environment variables, which are applied either on each boot or on service start

var default description
APP_ENV production production, development :: 'development' enables
CHOWN_APP_DIR true if true, chown $APP_USER:$APP_GROUP /app/www
VIRTUAL_HOST hostname of the application
TIMEZONE Australia/Sydney
APP_USER nginx-php nginx and php5-fpm user
APP_GROUP nginx-php nginx and php5-fpm group
APP_UID 1000 user_id - setting to the host username can be useful when mounting volumes from host > guest
APP_GID 1000 group_id
UPLOAD_MAX_SIZE 30M Maximum upload size, applied to nginx and php5-fpm
NGINX_MAX_WORKER_PROCESSES 8 nginx worker_processes is determined from number of processor cores on service start, up to the maximum permitted by NGINX_MAX_WORKER_PROCESSES
EXIM_DELIVERY_MODE local smarthost, local :: set to smarthost to enable third party SMTP
EXIM_MAIL_FROM domain from which exim4 mail appears to originate
EXIM_SMARTHOST smarthost relay
EXIM_SMARTHOST_AUTH_PASSWORD password_123 smarthost password
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