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nginx + openssl automated build, customisable by ENV vars
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Nginx + OpenSSL

Built on funkygibbon/ubuntu, a lightly modified Ubuntu Xenial Phusion Base Image.

docker run -v "/path/to/www:/app/www" -p "80:80" -p "443:443" funkygibbon/nginx-pagespeed

Files are served from /app/www/, SSL certificates are generated in /etc/nginx/ssl, /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/* is searched for virtual hosts.

Nginx is configured with sane security defaults for out-of-the-box webservice, highly configurable by environment variables and is compiled from mainline source.

Service configuration via ENV

Nginx is configurable via environment variables, which are re-applied to the configuration on service start, so you can adjust server parameters at container start with:

docker run -e "UPLOAD_MAX_SIZE=50M" funkygibbon/nginx-pagespeed

A minimal docker-compose.yml file:

version: '2'
   image: funkygibbon/nginx
      - "80:80"
      - "443:443"
      - /path/to/www:/app/www
variable default description
APP_USER nginx Service user name
APP_GROUP nginx Service group name
UPLOAD_MAX_SIZE 30M Sets nginx_client_max_body_size
NGINX_MAX_WORKER_PROCESSES 8 Sets worker_processes, defaults to largest of eight, or the number available cores
CHOWN_APP_DIR false If true chown /app/www as APP_USER:APP_GROUP


Nginx is compiled from mainline source according to Ubuntu compile flags, with the following modifications:

HTTPS is configured using modern sane defaults, including

  • Mozilla's intermediate profile - see
  • SSLv2 and SSLv3 are disabled, TLSv1 TLSv2 and TLSv3 are enabled
  • Automatic generation of a 2048bit DH parameter file if one is not provided
  • Self-signed SSL certificates are generated on first container start, and stored in /etc/nginx/ssl/default.key /etc/nginx/ssl/default.crt. To install your own certificates I recommend bind-mounting ssl and sites-enabled folders.
  • @todo LetsEncrypt!

On service start

  • nginx user is set to ${APP_USER:-$DEFAULT_APP_USER} (default is nginx)
  • creates user and group from {APP_USER:-$DEFAULT_APP_USER}:${APP_GROUP:-$DEFAULT_APP_GROUP}, some sanity checks for matching UID / GID in the event that user/group already exists
  • if ${CHOWN_APP_DIR:-$DEFAULT_CHOWN_APP_DIR} is true, chown -R ${APP_USER:-$DEFAULT_APP_USER}:${APP_GROUP:-$DEFAULT_APP_GROUP} /app/www (default false)
  • worker_processes is set to the number of available processor cores and adjusts /etc/nginx/nginx.conf to match, up to a maximum number of cores ${NGINX_MAX_WORKER_PROCESSES:-$DEFAULT_MAX_WORKER_PROCESSES}
  • client_max_body_size is set to ${UPLOAD_MAX_SIZE:-$DEFAULT_UPLOAD_MAX_SIZE}
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