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leanote note taking application
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This is a docker container for the Leanote web application.


Mongo Database

In order to use this container, you must first start a Mongodb container.

Here is an example of starting a Mongodb container:

docker run --name mongo -v /my/own/datadir:/data/db -d mongo:3.2.3

Populate the database

You can manually populate the database with the files found in the Leanote repository but to assist in the population of the database, you can use the furiousgeorge/leanote-populatedb container.

For more information, read the instructions for the container, but the quick, one-time command to populate the database is:

docker run --rm --link mongo:mongo furiousgeorge/leanote-populatedb

Startup Instructions

Download the config file

In order to configure this container properly, you will need to download the configuration file to your host machine. The command to do this is:


Open the config file in your editor and adjust the settings to meet your needs. The main setting you will need to change is the under #mongodb - set it so it looks like this:

# mongdb

Run the container

Once you have a Mongodb running, the database is populated with data, and the configuration file is setup; start this container by running the following command:

docker run --name=leanote -d -v $PWD/app.conf:/src/leanote/conf/app.conf --link mongo:mongo -p 80:9000 furiousgeorge/leanote

In this example, port 9000 in the container is mapped to port 80 on your host. Adjust this port if you are already using port 80.

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