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The very beginnings of a web-based reader for reddit.
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The very beginnings of a web-based reader for reddit. Blatent use of reddit stylesheets.

This is intended for personal use - it is not for public use.

Reddit credentials

Reddit application

The first thing you need to do is setup a new reddit application, as described under Script Application in the praw documentation.

Praw ini file

The next thing you need to do is create a praw.ini file on your local system as described on the praw ini files page of the praw documentation.

The basic format of the praw.ini file should look like this:




Running via docker

docker run -d  -p 80:8000 --name=reddit-reader furiousgeorge/reddit-reader

Whitelisting subreddits

If you want to whitelist subreddits, just add lines to the customsettings/ file, following this format:


If you are running in docker, you will want to mount the directory that contains the file as well as your credentials in the praw.ini file:

docker run -d  -p 80:8000 -v $PWD/customsettings:/app/customsettings -v $PWD/praw.ini:/app/praw.ini --name=reddit-reader furiousgeorge/reddit-reader
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