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Fusepool P3 BatchRefine transformer
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Fusepool P3 Batchrefine Transformer Docker

The provided image simplifies the deployment of the Batchrefine transformer,
while retaining the flexibility of configuring it.

The image can be obtained in two ways:

  • Build using the provieded Dockerfile

  • Download a pre-built image from DockerHub

Building the image

Cd to the directory with a Dockerfile and run:

 docker build -t fusepool/p3-batchrefine .

Get the image from DockerHub

 docker pull fusepool/p3-batchrefine

Running examples

####Run it in the foreground

 docker run --rm -it --name batchrefine fusepool/p3-batchrefine

This will run Batchrefine transformer with default configurations and
attach both STDIN and STDOUT, such that when you press Ctrl+C the container will exit and remove itself.

Run in the background and expose logs to the host

 docker run -d --name batchrefine -v /tmp/:/home/user/log/ fusepool/p3-batchrefine

The logs from OpenRefine, Batchrefine and supervisor will be written to the /tmp/ folder.

To stop and remove the container:

 docker stop batchrefine

 docker rm batchrefine

Pass options and parameters

You can have different configurations for BatchRefine and Openrefine, which can be passed to the docker container, when you run it:

Configure OpenRefine memory
 docker run --rm -it --name batchrefine -v /tmp/:/home/user/log/ -e REFINE_MEMORY=2g fusepool/p3-batchrefine
Pass command line options to the Batchrefine transformer

The arguments and options that can be passed to the docker container are the same as running it from
the command line.

To start an asynchronous transformer with verbose logging and remote backend (defaults to: localhost:3333)

 docker run --rm -it --name batchrefine -v /tmp/:/home/user/log/ fusepool/p3-batchrefine -v -t async remote

To start a synchronous transformer with verbose logging and split backend which will be distributing workload to two
refine instances by splitting the input in 2 pieces.

 docker run --rm -it --name batchrefine -v /tmp/:/home/user/log/ fusepool/p3-batchrefine -v -t sync split -l localhost:3333, -s CHUNK:2
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