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Fusepool P3 Platform Reference Implementation Docker Image


To get the latest version from dockerhub:

docker pull fusepoolp3/platform-reference-implementat


If instead you want to build it yourself, clone the github repository and run:

docker build -t fusepoolp3/platform-reference-implementat .


To access the Fusepool P3 entry page at the default port 80 start the docker like that

docker run --privileged -d --name=p3-platform -p 80:80 -p 8181:8181 -p 8151:8151 -p 8200:8200 -p 8201:8201 -p 8202:8202 -p 8203:8203 -p 8204:8204 -p 8205:8205 -p 8300:8300 -p 8301:8301 -p 8302:8302 -p 8303:8303 -p 8304:8304 -p 8305:8305 -p 8306:8306 -p 8307:8307 -p 8308:8308 -p 8310:8310 -p 8386:8386 -p 8387:8387 -p 8388:8388 fusepoolp3/platform-reference-implementat

To stop the container:

docker stop p3-platform

to restart the container:

docker start p3-platform

Starting things can take quite a while, be patient. To see what's going on, use the following command:

docker logs -f p3-platform

Attention: this docker container uses docker-in-docker which will mount the hosts'
/var/lib/docker and use disk space there which won't be freed after docker rm.


When the container has finished starting, you can access the Fusepool P3
platform directly on the host running the container. With a web browser
access http://<yourhost>/. Important: The P3 Platform will autoconfigure itself
with the hostname that it used to first access it, so if you intend the platform
to be accessible on the first access must done using this URI
and not with http://localhost/, of course if you just want to try things out
locally using /localhost/ is just fine.

The different components of Fusepool P3
can be accessed over the ports exposed by the container. Curently, these are:

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